J J  Y o s h

Chemical Engineer / Adventurer
Adventurous, genuine and over-ambitious JJ will do anything to
find evidence of a lost technology even if it means risking his
teammates lives.
His drive and determination are inspiring, but
his blind faith and high expectations alienate the team members.
His true tests arise when he is forced to trust
in his team’s skills and commitment.
Though dedicated to the scientific method, JJ has
a fascination with metaphysics and the natural world, which
has fueled his lifelong investigation of the ancient mysteries of
the human mind and the balance between man, nature, and
the human spirit.
JJ looks to the shaman and geologist for
advice as he struggles to become a better leader.


Teejay Casado is the free-spirited but fierce young archaeologist. Possessing a bold investigative approach but sometimes unorthodox she is a key driving force in the team’s pursuit for the truth. Teejay was lured into a life in archaeology after reading a book about mystic places and being fascinated by what is yet to be discovered. She believes that the past should serve the present and provide humanity with tools for a better future. Her professional partnership with JJ proves to be a powerhouse connection however they don’t see eye to eye when it comes to JJ’s over-zealousness during the expedition.  Teejay finds herself clashing with the naive anthropologist who is constantly vying for JJ’s attention .
J a s o n M o t o n
Civil Engineer
Arrogant and pretentious, Jay is a scholar only in it to get his research published. He isn’t a team player, opting out of cooking and chores, but quick to demand his fair share. He tends to spend a lot of time alone and is often engaged in arguments when he’s with the group.  Jay is concerned with appearances and jumps at any opportunity to look like the better person.  His “dog eat dog” views are clear from the beginning.  His morals are malleable with no problem lying or betraying a partner to get extra credit. His primary focus is preserving his own research, at the cost of the team’s success.
M o i s e s  A r a g o n
Native Shaman Guide/ Archaeologist
A bit naive, but deeply spiritual, this Cuzco native knows the jungles of Peru better than anyone.  His radical ideas are a point of contention among the group, because he is highly influenced by the indigenous teachings of the Inca tradition.  While he tends to avoid confrontation, he has strong opinions and is adamant that he knows how to find the hidden city of Incan gold near Machu Picchu.
R a m o n  G o v e a
Philosopher/ Researcher
A true optimist, this researcher is driven by the search for truth, and is determined to help JJ find some evidence of an advanced civilization that pre-dates written history.  He spends most of his time in the nearby major cities rummaging through old records and scoping through libraries and museums for any clues that can help the mission.

jjoutdoorsJ J  Y o s h
The Team Leader

JJ is a chemical engineer and adventurer with a passion for clean energy technology and heart-racing expeditions. Whether it’s rappelling into Thailand’s caverns or exploring Guatemala’s ancient city Tikal, JJ is bound to lead a team there to do it.   As a chemist, he has worked with manufacturers to integrate greener practices into their business models. JJ’s work with emission monitoring and environmental clean-up has brought us closer to realizing the clean future he imagines, but JJ believes that the answer to our energy problems lies at the source of our energy, not in its product.



teejaywebT e e j a y   C a s a d o
The Lead Archaeologist

Teejay is an archaeologist from Australia, and is a force to be reckoned with. Her penchant for questioning officially accepted theories and her pursuit of the truth fuels her to search farther and wider for the clues of a forgotten past. Although passionate about the possibilities of what could be found, Teejay also insists that the team must consider every angle before deciding on what is fact, and what is just theory. Teejay literally leaves no stone unturned in her demand for solid evidence of lost cultures and their technologies.




Screen-Shot-2012-08-16-at-2.56.51-PMO l i v e r   A d e s
The Field Producer

Oliver is an entrepreneur at heart with a passion for sustainable energies research and development. Shortly after graduating from American University with a BSBA in Finance and Economics in 2007, he decided to move to Sao Paulo, where he began development of a pilot bio-diesel plant that would be implemented in the northeast sector of Brazil. All the while, Oliver always kept a passion for film production. Finally, in 2011, Oliver made the move to Los Angeles and learned about Ancient Tomorrow’s goal to find innovative alternative energy solutions through ancient technologies; the project was simply too much to resist.



Ramon Govea

R a m o n   G o v e a
Ancient Philosopher
Ramon Govea is a producer and writer at Higher Earth Entertainment.   At 16 his search for spiritual meaning began.  His quest for a truth-filled media catalyzed his return to Hollywood in 2007.  Ramon studied philosophy at the University of Maryland, College Park for three years before applying his decade of leadership training to a career in entertainment.  Currently, Ramon is the President of The Actors’s Lounge Foundation, a non-profit serving the acting community in Hollywood, Ramon is Executive Producer of several transmedia projects.  Using his experience in marketing and branding he is currently developing iphone apps, online and console video games, and is fully immersed in new media technology trends.   He is dedicated to producing high quality projects that both entertain and inspire a new global consciousness.



The Experts


Dan ShawD a n   S h a w
Dan Shaw attended UC Davis between 1981-1986, earning a custom degree from the Department of Organizational Development in Applying Cooperative Principles to Education.   He has also earned a Bachelor of Science in Geography with a minor in Communication.   During the time he spent at the University, he also studied “complementary medicine,” also known as “extraordinary healing tools and techniques,” and studied vortexes, as well as earth energies.  Mr. Shaw has had several of his studies published, including the Vortex Field Guide and other articles in local and national periodicals.




David CowanD a v i d   C o w a n
David Cowan is a practitioner, trainer and educator of Quantum Biofeedback, an advanced computerized healing system.  Along with his wife Erina, they both have embraced the Spiritual aspects of healing, teaching and training others to become Licensed Spiritual Healers.  Publications that Mr. Cowan have authored include Navigating the Collapse of Time and co-authored, with Erina, Dowsing Beyond Duality.





Michael RiversongM i c h a e l   R i v e r s o n g
Michael Riversong attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, earning a Degree in Chinese Language.  In 1984, he began involvement with the International Tesla Society, a group dedicated to teaching the basics of Tesla-initiated research.  Publications of his include Design Ecology and Bards: Music for Community and Healing.




S t e p h e n   M e h l e r
Stephen Mehler is an archaeologist, Egyptologist, published author, metaphysician, and prehistorian.  In all, Mr. Mehler has spent 45 years in the mentioned fields and is one of the founding investigators of the Giza Power Plant Theory.  His education includes Masters in Social Sciences and Natural Sciences and a Bachelors in Human Physiology.  Published works include The Land of Osiris and From Light Into Darkness: The Evolution of Religion in Ancient Egypt