Ancient Tomorrow is a documentary series that follows real investigators on an actual expedition around the world to investigate the mysteries surrounding ancient power plants that may be the key to tomorrow’s future.

What If We’re Not The First Civilization With Electricity?


Rappelling down Fossil Falls

Over the last few decades, scientists and archaeologists have found evidence of electricity use at ancient sites around the world, from Egypt to South America, suggesting that these civilizations might have been more technologically advanced than the civilizations of our modern world.

Is it possible that ancient civilizations could have once harnessed electricity in a highly advanced, eco-friendly way? And if so, why has this secret been hidden for so long?

My team and I will embark on an incredible adventure all over the world, where we will investigate the mysteries surrounding ancient power plants that have been kept secret for thousands of years.


Exploring forbidden ruins

Join us as we go where no man has ever dared go before in our search to find the truth–climb the highest mountains, descend into the darkest caverns, dive into the murkiest waters, and cross into forbidden sites that have been mysteriously blacked out on Google Earth, .

In an experience like nothing else, we will take you on the journey of a lifetime to help us solve mankind’s greatest mystery.

What we find will change the way we think about our history, our world, and our place in the Universe.

The Re-Discovery Begins,

JJ Yosh
Team Leader